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Sky Rugs is a full-service provider of creative ready-made and customized rugs for both high-end residential, commercial applications  and Magento eCommerce web development. Using primarily leather provided by our client Garrett Leather, Sky Rugs creates temporary pieces with superior durability.

Clients may choose one of Sky Rugs’ numerous preconfigured rug designs, or create a fully customized look by choosing from over 600 colors and countless fabric textures. Sky Rugs wishes to provide its customers with an easy-to-use, autonomous customization and ordering platform to respond to their purchasing needs.

Sky Rugs website home page Magento eCommerce website.

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Sky Rugs did not have an autonomous customization and buying platform online, instead relying on a team of customer service representatives to carry out the design and ordering process. This relatively inefficient method required the use of hard-copy catalogs and proved to be slow moving, costly, and draining for the company’s resources.

For these reasons, Sky Rugs approached Kinga Dow Productions in the hopes of constructing a user-friendly ordering and customization web platform for its residential and commercial clientele. Additionally, they would require a regular eCommerce website on which to sell preconfigured rug designs. The creation of such a website presented several logistical challenges, including:

    • Two different platforms – one for ready-made rugs and the other for design customization (design tool).
    • Different pricing structures – separate pricing for retail and wholesale buyers.
    • Sample requests – before committing to a purchase, clients would have the option of obtaining a sample for review.
    • Numerous customizable aspects – customizable features including size, shape, pattern, color, embossing, etc.
    • Expandability – the site would need to be poised for growth, allowing for rapid and cost-effective expansion.
Custom Rug Designer Entry Page Magento eCommerce website.

Custom Rug Designer Entry Page


Sky Rugs hoped to achieve the following objectives by creating an autonomous ordering and custom design platform for their clients:

  • Increase independence – allow customers to complete the ordering and design process largely without any help form the customer service representatives, a financial and logistical benefit for both Sky Rugs and the customer.
  • Attract customers – become desirable to customers seeking an easy, quick, efficient and detail-oriented ordering and design process.
  • Promote leather sales – showcase leather products as a viable option due to its many benefits, including versatility, customizability and esthetic.
  • Interactive experience – customers would be able to select product swatches and apply them to the pattern in one easy click-and-slide motion.
  • Superior customizability – a platform offering more options, features and attention to detail than any of Sky Rugs’ competitors.
  • Remote quote, sample or purchase requests – provide an easy request platform to save both Sky Rugs and the client valuable time.
  • Accommodate growth – a solution that can easily expand according to the growth expected to result from this improvement.
  • Mobile compatibility – increase convenience and versatility.
Rug Designer Sky Rugs Magento eCommerce website.

Custom Rug Designer. Interactive rug design platform with click-and-slide functionality.


Kinga Dow Productions chose Magento as the eCommerce platform for Sky Rugs’ purchasing site and new rug design and customization platform. By implementing a wide array of purchasing and design tools, KDP was able to provide a modern and dynamic solution to Sky Rugs’ eCommerce dilemma.

The following features were included in the eCommerce purchasing site:

  • Multi-SKU capability – capacity for hosting a large number of SKUs and frequently modifying and replacing them.
  • 24/7 purchasing – no need to work around Sky Rugs’ business hours or availability of the customer service representatives.
  • Cross-promotion – related products appear when browsing specific SKUs.
  • Sampling option – ability to easily request a sample to ease the decision process; this is all done independently by the customer.
  • Mobile compatibility – Both purchases and rug designs may be done remotely, a great option when working on-site with a client.

The following features were included in the rug design and customization platform:

    • User-friendly design tools – including the option of saving the design, sharing with a client or reviewing the work.
    • Highly detailed customization – client may choose any color or texture for border or interior parts of the rug, even in the most intricate of designs.
    • Large design repertoire – a very high number of design options, including 100 different patterns and 600 colors.
    • Save and preview – option of saving design and returning at a later time, in addition to a preview feature to ensure satisfaction before purchasing.
    • Sharing – ability to share one’s design with clients, colleagues, etc. via email, fostering a collaborative design process if desired.
    • 24/7 availability – the design platform is active at any time of the day and on every day of the year.
Retail Shopping Cart page for Magento eCommerce web development

Retail Shopping Cart page. Online store platform with individual SKU details and cross-promotion of related products.


Through the implementation of its new online purchasing and design platforms, Sky Rugs has successfully transferred the bulk of its clientele to the autonomous buying and customization method. The company has seen its ordering procedure grow from a highly involved process with multiple phases to an intelligible, hands-off commercial experience.

Customers now have a much clearer understanding and vision of the products they are choosing to purchase and customize. The role of the customer service representative has been significantly streamlined and mostly limited to issuing quotes, answering questions and finalizing the ordering process. The need for hard-copy catalogs has been greatly reduced, and the new online platform has allowed for frequent product modifications and greater flexibility when specifics SKUs are unavailable.So, magento ecommerce web development services which was provided by kinga dow fulfill the client’s requirement.

In conclusion, the introduction and continued use of the new platform has greatly impacted how Sky Rugs is perceived through the eyes of the potential customer. Where inefficiencies and time-related obstacles were once present, consumers now see a streamlined, interactive and user-friendly online tool offering superior convenience. With its potential for further modernization in the future, Sky Rugs’ purchasing and product customization websites should continue to attract and retain customers.

Kinga Dow and her team worked on this project for several months and aimed to deliver a site that was fully customized to meet their client’s needs. I hope that you find this interesting, and you will consider Kinga Dow Productions for your next eCommerce project. 

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