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Garrett Leather is one of the largest suppliers of premium leathers used in commercial applications. The company’s clients include designers, upholsterers and manufacturers in a variety of industries. Garrett leathers are used in the manufacturing of custom aircraft and premium vehicle seating, furniture, yacht interiors, office furnishings and more. Garrett Leathers are the live example of magento ecommerce website development service of Kinga Dow productions.

Their product lines encompass over 1,500 unique SKUs, and many SKUs have numerous custom options. The leathers may be integrated into wall coverings, area rugs, and a variety of architectural applications that require very precise attention to detail during the ordering process.

magento ecommerce website development Garrett Leather


Garrett Leather did not previously have an operational online sales website prior to this project. The company relied on a team of sales and customer service representatives who would assist clients over the phone. Clients relied on hard-copy catalogs and shipped samples before making their product selection. In addition, the company had no way of easily obtaining feedback on the shopping experience from customers. Garrett Leather was looking for ways to make it more convenient for customers to access important information, such as stock status and prices, simplify the selection process, and gain more insight from customers.

The creation of an interactive ordering website for Garrett Leather presented a variety of challenges, including:

  • Frequent changes to the website – a web platform supporting quick changes to pages and products was essential.
  • Large volume of products – over 1,500 SKUs throughout the various product lines
  • Large variety of products – a high number of specifications, finishes and product series
  • Possibilities for combinations – different product applications (i.e. embossing) with hundreds of color and texture combinations
  • Purchase options – Before committing to a product purchase, a client would be able to sample or reserve it. Dyelot cutting is also an option.
  • Customization – The customer would be required to input information and choose among the available products,
  • Various metrics – The platform would need to support a number of measurements, including yards, meters, square feet and spools.
  • Newsletter distribution – The company required a seamless newsletter opt-in and distribution platform to update clients on its activities.
  • Blogging – The Garrett Leather blog would need to be simple and quick to update.

Product detail page magento eCommerce website project


Garrett Leather contacted Kinga Dow Productions, Inc. in an effort to create an interactive eCommerce experience for their clients. The company’s objectives were the following:

  • Increase client independence by allowing them to complete an order without the help of an agent.
  • Attract clients by providing them with an   impressive, modern web-based eCommerce experience that is not restrained by office hours.
  • Provide better customizability and the option to change one’s mind during the entire ordering process.
  • Allow the company to make real-time changes to SKUs, availability and product specifications.
  • Provide the client with a visual preview of the.
  • Allow to client to request and order product samples.
  • Provide a method of obtaining feedback

magento eCommerce website project case study


Kinga Dow Productions chose to use Magento as the eCommerce platform for Garrett Leather’s new interactive shopping and customization site. The designers combined a variety of eCommerce web tools to create a complex interface in which to house Garrett Leather’s large number of SKUs and product varieties.

The following features were seamlessly integrated to create the online store:

  • Full site customizability – empowers the client to add new pages, copy, images or products within minutes.
  • Product categorization – products were organized according to their category and rendered selectable to the user. The user may browse and search by color, texture or series.
  • Inventory tracking capability giving the client insight on availability and the option to reserve products.
  • Improved specifications – an in-depth, precise series of drop-down specifications for each product, including properties, welt, test performance, technical specifications, color, etc.
  • Different metrics – ability to support measurements such as yards, meters, square feet and spools. Includes metric conversion calculator.
  • Sample request or reservation – puts the client in charge of the selection and design process, from start to finish. Allows the client to reserve products before committing to a purchase.
  • Shipping options – a customized shipping page was configured with the UPS live shipping module.
  • Client profile – each client is prompted to create an account with a username and password. They may check their profile at any time to view order history and to make changes to incomplete selections. The Garrett Leather representative may set the client status to “approved”, “pending” or “declined” to facilitate the application process.
  • Individual pricing – every single SKU is priced individually.
  • Post-experience survey and product reviews –Customers have the opportunity to review specific products and/or provide a testimonial of his/her overall experience with the company. These are great tools to reassure and inform future visitors to the website and allow Garrett Leather to improve its process based on customer satisfaction levels.
  • Newsletter distribution – a Mailchimp newsletter module was used to integrate newsletter opt-in and distribution.
  • WordPress blog – the WordPress platform was used to streamline blog production by a member of the Garrett Leather team.

magento eCommerce website project case study


Garrett Leather acquired its first online sale almost immediately upon launching the new eCommerce platform and has experienced consistent online sales throughout its first year. In addition, the company has received valuable feedback from many satisfied customers.

Clients of Garrett Leather are now free to place orders outside of office hours, which has lead to greater customer satisfaction and an opportunity for off-peak sales where none existed previously. The Company has reduced its need for frequent hard-copy catalog updates, while reserving its team of telephone customer service representatives for assisting customers with questions, finalizing orders and updating the inventory system. Garrett Leather has also gained the ability to evaluate customer satisfaction through the post-experience survey.

Kinga Dow Productions, Inc. has provided Garrett Leather with a scalable eCommerce platform that can accommodate future growth and product development within the company. Kinga Dow Productions have a dedicated team of megento website development experts to fulfill the client’s needs.

Kinga Dow and her team worked on this project for several months and aimed to deliver a site that was fully customized to meet their client’s needs. I hope that you find this interesting, and you will consider Kinga Dow Productions for your next magento eCommerce project.  We are here ready to assist you.

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