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Area of Importance Levers to Pull Numbers (Current) Outcome (Current)
Traffic Sessions / Mo: -
Traffic Unique Users / Mo: -
Website Design / CRO Ecommerce Conversion Rate / Orders: -
Content / Landing Page CRO Email Capture Rate / Emails: -
Email Optimization Welcome Series Placed Order Rate / Orders: -
Email Optimization Repeat Rate / Orders: -
Email Optimization Abandoned Cart Recovery Rate / Orders: -
Only change items in yellow boxes Orders / Mo: -
Average Order Value -
Potential Online Revenue / Mo: -

Projected Wins
Conservative Agressive Conservative + Traffic Bump Agressive + Traffic Bump
Monthly Difference Monthly Difference Monthly Difference Monthly Difference
$11,169.36 $24,966.77 $21,201.10 $48,431.57
Annualized Annualized Annualized Annualized
$134,032.36 $299,601.19 $254,413.15 $581,178.87

This calculator provides insight into which website and email marketing factors largely impact your overall store performance and what can be done to increase the store’s revenue…

…but, you still need to know how to implement the correct SMS and Email marketing strategies to increase your revenue.

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