W ith the eCommerce industry growing 23% year-over-year, you know all too well the online marketplace is saturated and competition is fierce.

If you’ve already taken your eCommerce business from point A to point B and achieved moderate success, but are unsure how to optimize your conversions and scale to get to point C, you’re in the right place.

At Kinga Dow, we don’t leave optimization up to guesswork. We know from our experience that the key to achieving sustainable growth lies in understanding the numbers and using that data to take you to the next level.

growth lies in understanding the numbers and using that data to take you to the next level.

Our experience and expertise with Google Analytics, ecommerce email marketing, and other digital marketing strategies have helped dozens of our clients achieve desired growth and beyond.

We don’t simply settle for good results--we strive for extraordinary results, which is why we are selective with our clients. We invest significant time up front getting to know you and your business model in order to determine whether expectations are realistic on both sides.


W e work closely with you to develop an understanding of the data generated within your business. Doing this allows us to optimize your digital marketing and eCommerce operations with the goal of increased revenue in mind.

If you have the goal to scale your eCommerce company, but feel stuck due to low conversions--we can help change that. Before we do a thing, we listen to you, understand your audience, study traffic and conversion data, and take into account strategic elements--such as preparing for the holiday season, the evolution of products, and customer buying patterns. From there, we put our digital marketing expertise and sophisticated technology skill sets to work and create a growth strategy that includes ecommerce email marketing, Facebook ads, and website optimization to meet or exceed your business goals.


A s a Klaviyo Gold Business Partner, we’re able to leverage the power of this leading eCommerce email marketing platform combined with our eCommerce expertise to produce results quickly.

In fact, our clients typically see a revenue increase of 30-60% within a matter of weeks. Klaviyo email marketing experts make it easy for eCommerce marketers to target, personalize, measure and optimize email campaigns. The platform offers everything from custom segmentation and automated email campaigns, to in-depth analytics and integrations with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, and custom platforms.

Area of Importance Levers to Pull Numbers (Current) Outcome (Current)
Traffic Sessions / Mo: -
Traffic Unique Users / Mo: -
Website Design / CRO Ecommerce Conversion Rate / Orders: -
Content / Landing Page CRO Email Capture Rate / Emails: -
Email Optimization Welcome Series Placed Order Rate / Orders: -
Email Optimization Repeat Rate / Orders: -
Email Optimization Abandoned Cart Recovery Rate / Orders: -
Only change items in yellow boxes Orders / Mo: -
Average Order Value -
Potential Online Revenue / Mo: -

Projected Wins
Conservative Agressive Conservative + Traffic Bump
Monthly Difference Monthly Difference Monthly Difference Monthly Difference
$11,169.36 $24,966.77 $21,201.10 $48,431.57
Annualized Annualized Annualized Annualized
$134,032.36 $299,601.19 $254,413.15 $581,178.87


W ith the constant changes in customer buying patterns and product evolution, it’s all too easy for eCommerce websites to lose momentum and see a plateau or dip in conversions. In order to keep more money in your pocket and continue to provide a seamless shopping experience, you must regularly analyze and test the various elements of your site.

Our eCommerce web development strategy is focused on the evolutionary website design model, which is built on consistent iteration and improvement. We evaluate factors such as value proposition, relevance, clarity, anxiety, distractions, and urgency before making any changes. In addition, we set up special software that monitors visitor behavior and run A/B tests that will determine where the friction is on your site--and make changes from there. From Hotjar recordings to heat maps, this information informs the targeted changes for optimization.


e Commerce businesses can significantly optimize their sales funnels if they make strategic business decisions based on data analysis. Unfortunately, far too many are unable to reach their full potential because they make decisions based on what they “think” or “suspect” is working.

The only way you can truly know what’s working is to study the analytics and use it to make strategic decisions. Whether assessing goals, conversions, and retention, identifying problems within the sales funnel, or determining future traffic sources, we analyze and track this data so you can grow your business more efficiently.!


A Although ecommerce email marketing is the real game-changer for your sales funnel, Facebook also offers unique growth opportunities for your business. We reinforce your email marketing efforts using Facebook retargeting strategies with Klaviyo, which adds in an extra layer of impact when it comes to seeing your conversions rise. We also create Dynamic Facebook Ads that feature your products and run on autopilot to retarget people who have previously viewed them on your site but didn’t buy.


  • jonathan
    Kinga Dow was referred to me by a friend. As I began conversations with her I realized slowly how little I actually knew about my web business. Concepts I thought were set in stone had been turned completely upside down. It has been very humbling and eye opening experience to say the least. Kinga has been very thoughtful and kind in steering me and my business in a better direction. She really knows her stuff. The truth is often difficult to hear , but I have come to realize Kinga has only the best interests at heart for me and my business. Kinga Dow will only help you and your business grow. I recommend her most highly.
    Jonathan Rinkevich
    Made in New Mexico
  • tim
    I have had the pleasure of working with Kinga Dow Productions on our new website project, during 4th qtr 2015-2016. Kinga’s expert web and e-commerce knowledge, plus great customer service made this an easy transition during our 4th Qtr deadline. They met every deadline and guided us through the whole process, making it a painless process. Kinga’s expertise in the Magento platform and overall eCommerce web development is what made this such a success. Timothy De Clue Collection now has an e-commerce platform and website that will continue to grow with us. I would recommend Kinga Dow Productions to anyone seeking a web specialist to help achieve their dream website. I look forward to working with Kinga on more projects in the near future.
    Timothy De Clue
    Timothy De Clue Collection
  • Blythe_Web
    Kinga Dow and Company were extraordinary to work with in the redevelopment of our website. Specifically, Kinga's ideas and design were directly inspired by time and effort to understand our program and mission. Her notable web expertise, visual design, and thoughtful recommendations resulted in a contemporary, fluid, and inviting web presence for SENSE Theatre - check it out! www.sensetheatre.com
    Blythe Corbett
    Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University
  • maggie
    Kinga helped me to develop my book website, which needed backend functionality to work as both an informational and product-driven site. I found her to be very personable, knowledgeable, and to have a high level of integrity; all important to me in a working relationship. Kinga not only went above and beyond when I needed a couple of extras after the fact, she quite generously offered to give a presentation to my SFUAD design portfolio class on social networking. Kinga is awesome on many levels and she works hard to earn her client's trust and work!
    Maggie Macnab
    Designer, Educator, Author
  • dan

    Kinga is one of the kindest and hardest working people I know. She has an almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge and unselfishly shares her knowledge to help others. Her main strengths and interests are in helping small businesses maximize profits through digital marketing via social networking and e-commerce platforms. She is a pleasure to work with and I am proud to call her a friend.

    Dan Wittenkeller, Founder & President
    The Financial Independent Network


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