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    What we do

    Signature services, specific results

    • We have been with Klaviyo since the beginning. We specialize in Klaviyo consulting, including strategy, design, development, and management of email marketing programs for eCommerce brands. As a Klaviyo Certified Partner, we are experts at Klaviyo setup, optimization, and segmentation and can level-up your EDM game.
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    • Are you ready to add an extra 17% in revenue to your bottom line? Implementation of a new marketing channel can be a challenge. We’re here to help you integrate SMS marketing automation for eCommerce. With our expertise, reach your audience with genuine and interactive communications and see your profits rise.
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    • Brand loyalty is everything in eCommerce, especially with the rising costs of customer acquisition. Loyalty programs build trust and serve at the center of your community to improve engagement, increase retention, and grow revenue. We’ll get strategic with loyalty for your brand.
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    Built for loyalty

    Long term customer retention powered by data-driven strategies

    Customer retention happens to be our specialty, we turn your loyal customers into true believers.

    Lasting relationships, brand loyalty, and increased retention revenue are everyday goals of our eCommerce strategy.

    Your customers have choices and don’t just buy from anyone—they’re looking for trustworthy elevated brands that align with who they are.

    STEP 1

    Attention & Subscription

    Raise your brand profile and capture your ideal audience.

    STEP 2

    Connect & Convert

    Court your subscribers with highly-personalized email and SMS campaigns.

    STEP 3

    Nurture & Reconnect

    Maximize list segmentation opportunities to retain unique individuals who love your brand.

    STEP 4

    Retain & Repeat

    Your brand message builds retention (and revenue) every step of the way.

    Customer Success Stories

    Superior customer retention starts with active listening and building trust with your ideal audience.
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    How MoxieLash tripled repeat purchase rates and increased customer engagement by 700% with LoyaltyLion.

    Klaviyo + Attentive

    How Kinga Dow Productions helped a leading eCommerce beauty brand quickly increase monthly revenue with SMS marketing.

    Klaviyo Lottery + Loyalty

    How Kinga Dow helped an eCommerce beauty brand scale a subscriber list to 400k, generate a 25% conversion rate, and bring in $5.53M in revenue during Covid.

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