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Identify, build, and activate a new marketing channel that adds at least 17% additional revenue via SMS marketing.

The Company

The company is a high-profile eCommerce beauty brand founded in 2017.

After significant revenue growth throughout 2020, the company was looking to expand into new revenue channels, starting with SMS marketing targeted to U.S.-based customers.

The Challenge

SMS marketing is broadly underutilized in eCommerce marketing despite benefits like high open rates, 1:1 engagement, and advanced analytics. Introducing a new marketing channel includes several layers of complexity, especially for a scaling eCommerce brand.

First and foremost, it’s important to source the right technology. With SMS implementation, privacy and compliance are first priority and a platform like Attentive helps protect companies from fines and/or lawsuits.

In addition, the recommended platform needed to offer seamless integration with Klaviyo, user-friendly features and functionalities capable of quickly growing the subscriber list, and new ways to increase customer engagement, retention, and revenue.

To build an effective SMS program, web visitors must opt-in to brand communications and promotions. The process includes a custom pop-up and lead capture form. Signups trigger both SMS campaigns and Klaviyo email flows.

The brand needed to identify the best technology and campaign strategy for the SMS program, and also build and operate the program logistics from the ground up.

Finally, the company needed to maintain the brand identity while introducing SMS to their growing audience. In order to achieve a strong ROI, the program needed to resonate with the brand community and generate new and sustainable revenue opportunities.

The Solution

As a long-term growth partner, Kinga Dow Productions (KDP) works closely with the company’s marketing processes, email flows, and data analytics. As a matter of course, KDP can often identify new or untapped revenue streams.

The company previously set up a pop up system via Justuno that collected customer emails and phone numbers but the system was inefficient. As a first step, KDP did an internal audit of the marketing technology and analytics and recommended a switch from Justuno to Attentive.

By using Attentive, the company eliminated third-party plug-ins to collect phone numbers and achieved compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which was a top priority.

KDP connected Attentive to Klaviyo and optimized the program to align with the brand’s goals. As the systems worked together, the SMS program generated additional data that informed future marketing campaigns including customer purchase behavior, shopping patterns, and purchase histories.

Leveraging Klaviyo and Attentive simultaneously leads to increased customer touch points on the frontend and additional behavioral data on the backend.

In order to leverage the data and optimize the campaigns, KDP rolled out A/B testing, which increased segmentation, personalization, and conversions.

Finally, the SMS program generated a customer database that serves long-term revenue growth for the company. With skilled implementation and ongoing strategic marketing, the SMS program increased brand loyalty and monthly revenue.

The Result

The SMS program implementation brought in an additional 17% in revenue and increased email and SMS subscriber growth 5x.

ATTENTIVE Phone numbers

When moving to the Attentive pop-ups in February, the client saw its SMS revenue increase over 104% during a 6 month period.

Not only was the project an almost immediate revenue booster, the company now has a substantial database of behavioral analytics that continues to uncover hidden revenue sources and generate additional revenue via email.

The benefits of SMS programs are clear, especially in terms of how they perform in tandem with email marketing campaigns. SMS proved to have much faster response rates than emails and led to faster sales increases.

While email continues to be the foundational marketing channel in eCommerce, for certain campaigns, SMS click-through rates are beginning to exceed emails.

The Impact

The brand took the steps to become an early adopter to SMS. Few companies are taking advantage of the potential revenue opportunities that SMS has to offer.

Now, and in the future, SMS campaigns and email will be the standard marketing and revenue channels for D2C brands. It’s important to take advantage of this option now and adapt to the increased demand for convenience, personalization, and mobile access in eCommerce marketing.

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