• 187.85% List growth in November for BFCM

The percentage growth in email collection between October and November is 187.85%. This means that the number of emails collected in November was almost three times that in October.

    • 22% lift in revenue
    • 18.97 quiz conversion rate:

The conversion rate of the quiz is 18.97% resulting in a conversion rate of almost 1 in 5 people that purchased after taking the quiz.

  • Average CTR for popups: 12.5%
  • 126.6% CVR and 8.3% CTR for the Attentive journey with $7.99 revenue per send (8 X ROAS)

The Strategy:

MoxieLash needed an extra push to help attract new customers, and the most challenging part: retain the customers that they already had! Kinga Dow knew exactly what needed to be done: 

  • Create an interactive quiz to enhance the customer experience and grow trust in the brand. 
  • Attract new customers and retain the existing ones.
  • Attract the target audience, grow the subscriber list, increase sales, encourage customer interaction, and collect customer insights.

Tech Stack:

A tech stack combines tools, programs, and technologies to support this Case Study. The programs used in this case study were:

  • Octane AI
  • Klaviyo
  • Attentive
  • Typeform


This case study will review the logical, practical, and creative process that Kinga Dow Productions x MoxieLash undertook to create a quiz to enhance customer experience.

About MoxieLash:

MoxieLash, is an innovative beauty brand, changing the eyelash game with the industry’s first super-strength magnetic lashes. 

Established in 2018, they continue to innovate, creating the most revolutionary high-tech eyelash solution in the market: Lashies™ with Nano-grip Lash Technology™. They are leaders in premium magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners and are committed to beauty and high-performance innovation. 

Naturally, they needed a creative way to support their customers and enhance their shopping experience.

What is Octane AI?

Octane AI is a conversational quiz that helps you sell products on your storefront.  
It makes your store more interactive and engaging. It can recommend products and content by asking visitors questions, leading to sales. The quiz can be fully customized to fit your needs.

Why do we want to use Octane AI?

Aside from creating an interactive and engaging customer experience, Octane AI integrates with Klaviyo to gather data and quiz results. 

As a result, you can create personalized emails based on the quiz-collected data. 

Additionally, online quizzes attract the attention of your target audience and create a pull to engage with your brand. And promoting them on social media and your website allows viewers to interact with you quickly.


Before we started building the quiz, we sat down with MoxieLash and decided what our shared goals for this quiz were. Using Octane AI comes with a subscription at a reasonable price, so establishing our goals and setting clear guidelines was important. We wanted to: 

  • Attract our target audience easier via paid ads. 
  • Grow our subscriber list.
  • Get more sales.
  • Encourages our customers to interact with the brand.
  • Collect more insides into our customers’ needs/wants.

MoxieLash is a successful brand that created a buzz within the market with its innovative lashes, and it recently scored a partnership with HBO Max: Pretty Little Liars Original Sin! However, they needed an extra push to help attract new customers and retain the ones they had.  With this in mind, Kinga Dow Productions came up with the idea to create a quiz! 

Step-by-Step Process:

  • First, we had to decide what the quiz would be about. Afterward, we could write questions and answers and apply the logic to the quiz. 
  • As the quiz was being created, we worked on the email flows and the campaigns.
  • Alongside the campaigns and the flows, we produced pop-ups and banners to help promote the quiz on the website and other email campaigns. 
  • The finalized quiz had to be created on Octane AI, which didn’t take long because of its easy-to-use interface.

Breakdown of the Tasks:

1. Pop-Ups

  • Welcome Pop-Up
  • Exit Intent Pop-Up

Pop-Ups were an integral part of our strategy, and it was the best way to reach repeat customers who like browsing the site or new customers. 

The quiz became available after a few minutes of browsing the website. Additionally, the exit intent Pop-Up allows customers to be notified one last time before they attempt to exit the website. 

We produced two versions of the pop-ups we use for A/B testing to see which would perform the best. 

We are testing:

  • Creatives
  • Offers
  • Buyers vs . Non-Buyers

The quiz did not intend to collect email addresses but to create awareness, and emails were collected in the quiz to deliver personalized recommendations.

We customized the pop-up with Black Friday and Christmas themes to match the season, making it more appealing to customers.

2. Flows

The quiz flow was the most critical flow we had to create. It was directly linked to the quiz and would be the first form of communication with the customer. We had segments based on eye shapes to personalize them. We could learn more about our customers and their eye type. The quiz flow delivered the best results.

Our next priority was to include a quiz email in as many flows as possible. It was a way to continue engaging with the customers along their consumer journey or if they entered the quiz through another flow. 

The quiz was placed in the Welcome Flow, Cross Sell, Abandoned Cart, and Post Purchase.

The Welcome Flow was enticing new customers who have not purchased yet to use the quiz, while the Cross Sell Flow provided extra support to continue shopping for those who have already completed at least one purchase. 

Although results will be discussed further down, we can discuss their performance. 

3. Campaigns – Klaviyo

Campaigns were sent to the MoxieLash subscriber at least once a month to promote the quiz. 

First, we had a few campaigns going out every month pushing people to take the quiz. By segmenting the subscribers by those who did not take the quiz and excluding those who did, we were able to be super precise in our targeting.

We also tested sending the campaigns to buyers and non-buyers to see where we could get better results.

4. Banners

Banners were created to include in the other campaigns being sent out throughout the month to expand the reach of the quiz and allow for more visibility. 

5. Survey

Additionally, we survey buyers and non-buyers to see which segment would perform better.

6. Automations – Attentive

When integrated with the Octane AI quiz, Attentive can help to increase engagement and drive conversions by delivering targeted and relevant messages!

Once customers completed the quiz, Attentive sent personalized messages to each customer based on their quiz results.

As a result of using the Octane AI quiz with Attentive, MoxieLash achieved impressive results. The quiz had a 126.6% CVR (which means double-purchases) and $7.99 Rev/Send – which are way above average results. 

The personalized messages sent through Attentive had a 99.9 open rate and an 8.3% click-through rate, which helped to drive sales and increase customer engagement.

7. Quiz Content

The quiz should take at least 60 seconds to complete (including looking in the mirror to find out what eye shape you have!) and has only seven questions. MoxieLash ensured the questions were easy so everyone could answer: you don’t have to be a beauty guru or an avid eyelash user.  

The most important part of the quiz was the logic behind it, ensuring that all the answers were linked to a product. Depending on the eye shape you chose, eyelash length, and more, the quiz will pull up several products that match your answers.


We needed to optimize the quiz to ensure excellent and consistent results and the viewer’s attention. Optimization also allowed us to do A/B testing in elements like the copy, graphics, and email subject/preview lines. This way, we could determine what content produced the best results. 

MoxieLash and Kinga Dow Productions continue to optimize the quiz. 


The results successfully achieved by Kinga Dow Productions and Moxielash were outstanding! 

  • MoxieLash was able to successfully make over a 22% lift in revenue, according to Octane, since the launch of the quiz in September. 
  • Tripled the list size for November, just in time for Black Friday and Christmas, leading to more sales. 
  • Acquired more customer information to customize emails, which in turn further…
  • We have provided more information for segmentation.


In conclusion, the partnership between Octane AI and MoxieLash was a resounding success.

In just three months, Kinga Dow Productions and Moxielash delivered impressive results, with a significant increase in revenue and list-building growth. 

The quiz launched in September and helped MoxieLash to get 22% lift in revenue. Additionally, the partnership with Octane AI  helped MoxieLash triple its list size just in time for Black Friday and Christmas, resulting in even more sales. The data gathered from the quiz also allowed MoxieLash to acquire more information about its customers, which was used to customize emails further and improve segmentation. 

Overall, the partnership with Octane AI  has been a valuable asset in helping MoxieLash achieve its growth goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Successful Partnerships: The partnership between Octane AI and MoxieLash was a success! 
  • Fantastic Results: The quiz resulted in over a 22% lift in revenue. 
  • Personalization Is Key: Customized emails were delivered based on the quiz response!
  • Keep Customers Happy: Existing customers felt appreciated by the personalized emails. 
  • Target New Audience: MoxieLash tripled its email size after the launch of the Quiz! 
  • Timing Is Everything: Results accomplished just in time for BFCM!

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