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Thank you for your sign up for a free website evaluation consultation.

So many people these days have a website that is not performing well or not performing at all.  Just sits there, lost in cyberspace.

Sure, it exists in a form of a static portfolio or on-line representations and you can direct your customers and viewers to it, however what about all your new prospects that never heard of you? Wouldn’t you like to wake up to an inbox full of orders or job inquiries?

What about a monetary conversion? Or building a new customer base? Setting up goals and ecommerce tracking strategies, creating a revenue?

Here is the sad part, most of the websites that are being build these days don’t really have a purpose other then being a static online representation.

Why is that? Because regular users don’t know how to build sites that have:

  1. strategically placed “call to action” button with a follow up conversion pages
  2. strategically written copy that urges readers to take action
  3. basic search engine optimization with a placement of keywords that will drive traffic from the outside sources
  4. strategically set up goals and conversion metrics in Google Analytics that will help reading the consumer behavior and based on this deliver more optimized results.

Ask yourself these few basic questions:

  1. do I know what is my “bounce rate”?
  2. do I know what are my landing pages?
  3. would a search button help me figure out what my customers are looking for?
  4. do I truly know what is my main objection for the website?
  5. do i have a plan on how to get the best out of my investment?

Let’s talk. I will walk you through some basic questions that can help figure out what is the best direction for your online project.

I will email you within 24 hours to set up a free website evaluation call.

Website evaluation will assess your current website structure and set up.  I will evaluate and discuss  strategic placement of your call to action buttons with a placement pages, conversion rate and your basic SEO .

In the meantime, please feel free to refer to our main website to learn more about internet marketing, SEO and social media.

Thank you so much for contacting us,

Kinga Dow