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Convert website visitors and grow email list subscribers with page-level targeting campaigns.

The Company

The company, founded in 2006, sells unique hand-painted artwork inspired by personal photographs that customers submit online.

The Challenge

Email is arguably the company’s most important marketing channel.

One of the biggest challenges that lasting online businesses face is consistently growing email list subscribers. In the gift industry, it’s crucial to continuously attract and engage both existing and new customers.

The company sells one-of-a-kind gift products for special occasions, holidays, and milestones. Website visitors can browse multiple pages but they generally seek to buy gifts with specific themes in mind.

When a company sells customized products, developing personalized marketing campaigns that appeal to various segments with a clear understanding of user intent is key. Strategic personalization greatly improves capture and conversion rates for new leads.

To build brand loyalty and inspire repeat buyers, each webpage needs to display relevant content and custom offers to the right audience at the right time.

The Solution

Optin Monster’s technology provides a range of capabilities, including the option to implement page-level targeting. Together with Kinga Dow’s strategy and implementation, there was ample opportunity to achieve significant growth.

By leveraging preset criteria and behavioral personalization, Optin Monster makes it possible to target website visitors with specific offers on specific pages.

Each page-level targeting campaign consists of a lightbox popup designed with creative that is relevant to the page and target audience, an opt-in form to sign up for the special offer discount code, and a follow-up email immediately sent to the customer’s email inbox.

Kinga Dow designed the campaigns using page-level targeting for three different pages on the website. The campaigns accomplished several objectives at once:

* Offer relevant and personalized content, designed with the customer in mind
* Engage and provide value to the customer in exchange for joining the email list
* Create and nurture ongoing relationships that lead to greater brand awareness and increased conversions

In addition to the pop up special offers, Kinga Dow A/B tested two sets of creative on one page to assess the performance of the assets.

After testing, the winning creative improved CRO and provided the company with insights and data that can be leveraged in multi-channel digital marketing efforts.

The Result

Firstly, KD was successful in building an email list and capitalizing on instant growth during a pandemic.

Lottery lists are typically assessed at a lower value, but this particular effort brought in a strong ROI.

The first email generated a 62% open rate with a 42% click rate, resulting in 11.5% of users placing an order.

The resulting revenue was $4.93M from the Lottery email flow.


For mobile users, 1.76M viewed the popup form, and 411.56K subscribed. The total submission rate was 23.4%.


For desktop users, 303.73K users viewed the popup form, and 36.69K subscribed. The total submission rate was 12.1%.


Between March and August 2020, the list size grew from close to zero to more than 400K.

In just 5 months, the subscribers, conversions, and revenue exploded as a result of the tactical Klaviyo flow design and the highly unique experience the lottery system offered, especially for mobile users.

The Impact

Now that page-level targeting is an option, the company can reach more customers, in less time, and offer discounts that accelerate conversions.

Subsequently, the business has converted 138% more website visitors into leads.

The success of Kinga Dow’s strategies combined with Optin Monster’s capabilities allows the company to enjoy stable long-term growth and optimized systems that cultivate and nurture a loyal customer base.

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