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At Kinga Dow Productions, Inc., our ecommerce web design methods extend far beyond the simple click-and-go shopping cart. In order to increase sales and encourage customer loyalty, every step of the web shopping process must be deeply thought out and designed with meaning. In keeping with our all-inclusive philosophy, we analyze everything from consumer demographics to product lines when constructing your online store. As Magento and WooCommerce specialists, we can create a shopping experience that is:

  • User-friendly. We build easy-to-use and highly recognizable templates, with which your clients are already comfortable.
  • Easy on the eyes. Our ecommerce sites are both efficient and esthetically pleasing. We fully customize your store’s theme and template.
  • Built with mobile in mind. Your clients love the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. Allow them to shop on the go with full mobile configuration.
  • Ripe with information. Through WordPress-based platforms, clients may access your full website and blogs in order to learn more about your company and its offerings.

In addition to being advantageous for the online shopper, our ecommerce websites are built to be used by the merchant and not a third-party specialist. By having direct access to your web store’s template, you can instantly input products as they come through your doors. Our superior web store designs allow you to:

  • Make modifications on the fly. Identify your products, group them into categories, and adjust prices. Thanks to the ecommerce tools we provide, you can make changes at the drop of a hat.
  • Sell more. We use e-commerce platforms that consistently present upsell and cross-sell opportunities to the shopper. Over a short period of time, this feature alone can cover the reasonable cost of our online store design services.
  • Keep costs low. Not only do we seek out the most efficient and impressive ecommerce platforms available, we also ensure that they carry a reasonable price tag. Most of our tools are either wallet-friendly or free of charge.
  • Integrate apps. When it comes to ecommerce applications, the possibilities are endless. Add payment gateways, tax calculators, security features, campaign and coupon integrators, shipping label generators, bookkeeping software, and much more.

You have undoubtedly poured numerous financial and labor resources into your main company website. The latter has attracted the potential client – all that is left is transforming them into a buyer. We remove all obstacles for your customers by offering a simple but comprehensive online shopping experience, set on a platform that is extremely easy to manage on your end. A happy customer is a repeat customer – let Kinga Dow Productions, Inc. transform your online shopping experience.

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