KDP Ecommerce Revenue Projection Calculator:

✔ Create annual, quarterly or monthly revenue projections to develop goals and key performance indicators for your business

✔ Understand the impact of each factor against revenue by performing what-if scenarios to analyze conservative or aggressive targets

✔ Gain clarity into email marketing effectiveness and ROI values for visibility and accountability


How to Use the Calculator?

Type in the data in the Yellow Boxes, then hit the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will auto-generate revenue projections based on the figures.

But that’s not it.

The calculator can also help you make sense of the data and numbers.

To get the most out of this calculator, watch this brief video:

Here’s an example showing revenue that can be generated using different conversion rates and traffic scenarios.

You can input conservative or aggressive figures into the calculator to determine what email marketing and traffic targets would need to be to generate the projected revenue.


Ready to try out the calculator?

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