Are you looking for ways to maximize your advertising spend? And reach more highly-qualified buyers? Klaviyo has partnered with Google Ads to create this powerful integration! And it’s here to help! 🚀

With first-party data syncing directly into Google Ads, you can now create personalized ads that target specific audiences of your segments based on their browsing and purchase history. 

A Powerful Tool

Integrating Klaviyo with Google Ads can be a powerful tool! 

This integration allows brands to seamlessly sync valuable first-party data, like Klaviyo segments and lists, directly into Google Ads. 

This empowers brands to create personalized ads that allow you to target specific audiences of your Klaviyo segments based on their browsing and purchase history, among other data.

With this integration, you can increase the relevance and effectiveness of your ads, leading to higher conversions. With Google Ads and Klaviyo on your side, your audience segmentation will be on point which will result in better targeting and ultimately higher ROI! 

Want to learn more?

Keep reading our blog post to find out how you can start leveraging this integration to supercharge your paid marketing strategy. 

Step-By-Step Guide 

Here’s our Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Klaviyo with Google Ads:

    1. Login To Your Klaviyo account: If you don’t already have a Klaviyo account, you’ll need to sign up for one. You can do this by visiting the Klaviyo website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button.

    1. Connect Your Google Ads Account: To connect your Google Ads account to Klaviyo, click on the “Integrations” page (the tab is on the lower left-hand side). Google Ads is one of the featured integrations so you won’t have a problem finding it. When you get there click on the “Connect To Google” button next to the Google Ads integration.
    2. Complete The Authorization Process: Select the appropriate Google Account that is associated with your Google Ads account. Then login in and start the integration!
    3. Connect Segments to Audiences: Here you can connect your existing segments to your audience list. Or you can create a new one!
    4. Click ‘ Add Connection’: When you are ready to start syncing between Klaviyo and Google Ads, click ‘Add Connection’ to start the process. Once all your segments and lists are synced, click ‘Complete Setup’. 
    5. Go To Google Ads: You can go to your Audience Manager in Google Ads to see that the segment has been built! 

It’s that easy! 

Supercharge Your Strategy

There are several key benefits to integrating Klaviyo with Google Ads:

    1. Leverage Klaviyo Data on Browing Activity and Purchase Activity: This new integration allows you to sync valuable data, like Klaviyo segments and lists, directly into Google Ads, enabling you to further optimize your marketing strategy. 
    2. Targeted Ads across Google’s Channels: When you integrate Klaviyo with Google Ads, you can leverage this paid ad channel alongside email, SMS, push, and social ads, so that brands can connect with the right customers at the right moment in their customer journey. 
    3. Streamlines The Process: The integration simplifies the connection between Klaviyo and Google Ads. Manual data transfer and spreadsheet management are no longer necessary. With the integration, Klaviyo segments and lists are continuously synced to Google Ads, ensuring that your Google Audiences are always current.
    4. All Customer Data in One Place: The Klaviyo integration provides access to all customer data, such as on-site activity, purchase history, and loyalty information. This allows for displaying personalized advertisements throughout the customer’s journey, resulting in increased conversion rates. Utilizing Klaviyo’s data, you can target new and existing customers with specific, timely offers, boost the visibility of new products to likely buyers, and promote repeat purchases among your best customers through personalized advertising.


In conclusion, the integration of Klaviyo and Google Ads offers a powerful solution for e-commerce companies looking to create more effective and personalized ad campaigns. By connecting their customer data from Klaviyo with their Google Ads campaigns, companies can use their first-party data to create more relevant ads and reach customers at the right moment in their customer journey. The integration also streamlines the process of connecting Klaviyo and Google Ads, making it easy for companies to stay up-to-date with their audiences.

Have you ever considered using Klaviyo and Google Ads integration? How do you think this integration can benefit your marketing strategy?

Looking for more information on integrations with Klaviyo? Check out our video on integrating Klaviyo with Facebook Advertising or check out our blog post about other ways you can use Google Analytics to help you!

Kinga Dow

Published January 20, 2023

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