I’m back after a great week at Cosmoprof, Bologna. I’m ready to dissect all the innovative strategies brands used to captivate audiences. From email acquisition to gamification and social engagement – these tactics showcase the power of creativity and building brand awareness. 

Here’s what I learned…

There were three notable strategies brands used to capitalize on the significant traffic at show like Cosmoprof. 

They focused on 

  • email acquisition, 
  • Instagram follower enhancement, and 
  • overall brand awareness

There’s a lot of value in utilizing these marketing strategies, especially when evaluating the investment required to attend the event. It’s crucial to maximize these opportunities for the benefit of your brand. I’ve noticed several standout brands in this aspect, particularly in the hair care sector. 


Firstly, let’s talk about email capture. The importance of collecting emails cannot be overstated. Several brands excelled by offering quizzes and surveys as a means to collect emails. For instance, Italian hair brand Rica Hair presented a well-organized booth, pairing it with a survey asking participants about their hair concerns and recommending products.

This approach not only built a vast email database but also gathered extensive information on customer preferences and needs. The most challenging aspect of the strategy was that the quiz was exclusively available in Italian. While we acknowledge the brand’s Italian heritage, for an event like Cosmoprof, with international attendees, offering an English option would broaden the engagement. However, I guess it didn’t stop the brand from having lines and lines of people ready for their quiz and samples! 

Davines employed a similar strategy, offering personalized surveys to not only gather information on their customer’s hair needs but also visitor interests and country for language preferences which will allow them to segment their audience accordingly.

What made their approach even more engaging was the provision of personalized samples, adding a unique touch to the consumer experience.

Anaplais, from Greece, introduced another innovative approach to audience engagement at the show. Their unique concept involved a claw machine where participants could win prizes by interacting with a box full of their products. The entry ticket to this experience? Your email.

Another clever method of email collection not only granted access to go home with their products but also significantly increased brand awareness. 

Anaplais masterfully crafted this interaction, ensuring that each participant was left with a deeper connection to their brand and a heightened sense of engagement.


Moving on to brand awareness, Geske and Olaplex were notable for their innovative use of spin wheels. This strategy might have been more about enhancing brand visibility than collecting emails. Geske, for example, offered a spin wheel with various prizes and distributed a comprehensive product catalog resembling a coffee table book. 

Though I observed that many of these books needed to be included, the tactic succeeded in creating significant brand awareness through gamification and an elevated presentation.


Another method to boost engagement was through Instagram. 

A standout example was a Polish brand Annabella Mineral specializing in mineral cosmetics, which required visitors to follow their Instagram page and like several posts to receive product samples. This strategy effectively built their follower base while boosting engagement, which is crucial for algorithmic visibility online.

The Humble Company from Sweden showcased its commitment to sustainability and interactive fun through two engaging games. Their ring-toss game, involved skillfully tossing rings to land over eco-friendly toothbrushes, with prizes on the line for successful tosses. Unlike other brands, The Humble Company chose not to collect emails or social media followers, focusing purely on brand experience and awareness.

The addition of the spin-wheel game further cemented their presence, drawing attendees with the allure of engaging in activities without the prerequisite of email submission. In doing so, The Humble Company emphasized creating memorable brand experiences and fostering recognition and curiosity among participants.

This approach underlines that not all brands recognize the value of email collection, yet they successfully generate interest and awareness, paving the way for future consumer or distributor engagements.

These examples illustrate effective strategies for engaging with a large audience at shows. The key takeaway is the importance of gamification and creating meaningful interactions to garner interest and collect valuable data. Incorporating simple yet engaging methods like QR codes can significantly benefit brand growth.


The strategist employed by brands at Cosmoprof Bologna highlight the importance of creative engagement tactics for maximizing event potential. From email acquisition to gamification and social engagement, each approach demonstrated the power of meaningful interactions, building brand awareness and fostering customer connections – which in turn drive engagement to the brand. 

I hope this overview inspires you to leverage audience engagement opportunities at your next show creatively. Remember, the aim is to stand out and make a lasting impression that extends beyond the event itself. I think those brands managed to do just that! 


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Kinga Dow

Published April 4, 2024

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