Email marketing is a powerful tool that can bring your online business great benefits. If you want to learn how to write great email copy and increase the opens, clicks, and conversions for your email campaigns, check out these useful tips:

Segment and Personalize

A mistake many make when sending their emails is not segmenting their audience. Segmenting is crucial if you want to convert because without reaching the right people all work is in vain. Keep in mind that not everyone is interested in everything and your aim is to reach people who end up clicking your CTA button.

Klaviyo segmentation example

Personalization is as important as segmentation. Addressing people by their name and tailoring your email marketing campaigns according to the subscribers’ data will help you boost email click rates.

Create Outstanding Subject Lines

The first thing your recipients will see when checking their inbox is the subject lines of all their emails. A killer subject line will make the difference between your audience opening, deleting or reporting your email as spam. So be creative and use catchy words to write personal or descriptive subject lines, aiming to give your readers what makes them click.

email marketing subject lines examples

Write Email Marketing Copy Like You Write Web Copy

Writing emails is similar to creating web content. So, write short, scannable copy using headings, sub-heads, and bold text, following a logical structure, and creating short paragraphs that contain one main idea each. Don’t overwhelm your readers with hard to read texts, filled with difficult words or technical jargon. Just keep it simple and strong (K.I.S.S.).

Make sure your marketing content has a clean appearance, eliminating all unnecessary links and distractions and using maximum two fonts and one column layout. In addition, have a clear visual hierarchy, using the inverted pyramid technique: grab attention with your best offers, build anticipation, and finish with the call to action. Also, since people have so much going on, think about creating urgency though deadlines. This drives many people to take action, making the last day of the deadline the star of many campaigns.

Focus on One Conversion Goal

Giving your subscribers more than one choice will lead to lower conversions. A great marketing campaign should be created around one conversion goal. This means the Attention Ratio (the ratio of the number of links to the number of campaign conversion goals) should be 1:1.

Stay focused on having a single goal for each of your emails, and built them around the key action you want your audience to take. But not all your emails should aim to sell something. Creating strong, trustworthy relationships with your subscribers is important for your business, too.

Optimize the CTA button

Focusing on one conversion goal means, of course, including a single call to action. If the subject line is what makes recipients decide whether to open, delete, or mark your email as spam, the CTA is what gets subscribers to convert. So, the CTA button is crucial!

Many say your CTA button should be on the right side of the page because it is more effective than when on the left. However, where you add it depends on your content. Also, as important as alignment, is size. A bigger CTA button will stand out, but many of your subscribers check their email using mobile devices. This means you need a button that is big enough to read but also to see and click when using a phone (the recommended sizes for the average adult finer are 45×45 or 57×57 pixels).

Use contrasting colors and leave some breathing room (white space around it) to emphasize its importance and catch your readers’ attention. You can even use animated GIFs since increase CTR by up to 26%. Also, always make sure the text you add is action-oriented and keep in mind that using the first person increases clicks.

Dollar Shave Club email example

Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

Smartphone usage has increased by 394% in the last four years. Your success depends on the subscribers who use their mobile devices, so make sure your email is properly formatted, the text images are actually readable on mobile, and the content is fully visible, by using short subject lines and a mobile-friendly layout (single column).

Dollar Shave Club email example mobile

These tips give you a glimpse of how to create email copy that convinces and converts. If you want to learn more, I can help! Schedule a FREE strategy session with me and learn how to double your sales!

Kinga Dow

Published April 3, 2019

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