QR codes are a unique way to bridge your retail presence with your online presence.

Learn how to set up a QR Code at your retail location to help funnel in-store traffic to your online store!

How Can QR Codes Be Used For Marketing?

QR [Quick Response] codes can be used in marketing and promotions as a creative way to drive traffic to your website and connect with your audience.

Through QR codes, you will be able to move your retail customers from your store onto your online email database. You can advertise why shopping online is better than shopping in-store and offer incentives, such as discounts. Once they join your mailing list, you can create more opportunities to convert them to online buyers ( more on that later!)

With this simple and easy technique, you can quickly grow your mailing list which ultimately will boost your sales!

Displaying Your QR Code

First step is finding a way to display your QR code.

It should be displayed somewhere where you know you get a lot of foot traffic, and the design should be a good representation of your brand.

Here are a few examples of different businesses displaying their QR codes.

Here are a few examples of different businesses displaying their QR codes.

The first is more elegant; featuring an iPad displayed conveniently in the store.

The second one is less elegant, but it also works. This could be a flyer, usually posted by the cash register, including a message and the necessary QR code.

Here is an example of a flyer we created for two of our clients.


The flyers include engaging copy and basic instructions in case some people are unfamiliar with the purpose of QR codes.

What’s important is that the offer is visible, and it includes some sort of incentive that is tempting for them to actually share their email in exchange for the offer.

So, where does the QR code take them to?

Klaviyo or Attentive Landing Page

By scanning the QR code, they end up on a landing page where they can enter their information.

At KDP, we decided to use Attentive (although this can also be done using Klaviyo forms) since we can develop this more like a landing page than a pop-up.


The landing pages give customers options to:

  • Enter their email and be taken to Klaviyo, and
  • Enter their phone number and remain in Attentive.

After they input their details, a follow-up message is displayed, confirming their actions and giving them further instructions to follow if they want to join your email database and receive their discount!

In the case of Attentive, the customer will be asked to text ‘Y’ to confirm the subscription.

It’s essential to acknowledge customers’ journey from a retail location in any communication you put out, from flyers to sign-up forms, landing pages, follow-up emails, and SMS messages.

This will allow for continuity across your landing pages, flows and SMS messaging.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the customer knows that their discount is only valid for online purchases.

Develop Your Flows In Klaviyo

This step is easy – and if you are an avid KDP follower, you should know how to do this!

Set up a regular flow with several emails.

The first one gets triggered when they sign up; then there is a follow-up for those who didn’t open it, and then there’s a sequence of emails sent every day.

TIP: In this case, flow is set up using a separate list to avoid those indecisive shoppers! There may be a scenario where someone was already on the list but didn’t make a purchase! In this particular case, you want to make sure they get the email no matter what and this will ensure the email is sent.

Converting Them To Online Shoppers

Now it’s time for your brand to shine!

You want to convert these retail shoppers to online shoppers by selling your exclusive online-only perks.

Aside from the promo code, tell them why you think it’s a good idea for them to shop online.

  • More clearance items,
  • Shop now, pay later with Klarna or AfterPay.
  • Exclusive offers
  • Larger product selection
  • VIP sales and new product releases

Social proof in the form of reviews is a great way to demonstrate how others love your brand.

This could also be done by including your Instagram feed or another social media platform.

TIP: Remember, it’s essential to keep that continuity across all the messaging, make sure you are on brand and carry the same messaging across the whole journey.

QR Codes: Time to adapt and merge your retail traffic with online?

QR codes are a great way to collect more data, and add more incentives to more traditional marketing channels such as in-store banners.

They are an effective way to bridge the gap between your retail store and your online presence.

Set this up in your retail location, and start funneling your customers into your online store!

You will gain more control over your traffic , and you will be able to reach them with relevant messaging – whether it’s new products, sales, or more, sequentially creating more opportunities for you to sell.

If you want to learn more, I can help! Schedule a FREE strategy session with me and learn how to double your sales!


Kinga Dow

Published June 30, 2022

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